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FAQ & Help

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about WageSplitter. You can also email with ideas, feedback, and questions not covered here. We always love to hear from you.

Getting Started

What is WageSplitter?

WageSplitter gives you convenience and control over your personal finances by giving you instant access to your pay before payday.  It’s your pay, so split it your way.

What is an Invitation Code

An Invitation Code is a unique code provided to you so that you can access the WageSplitter app. You will find your invitation Code in the WageSplitter invitation email sent to you at the email address you have provided to your employer.

I haven't received my Invitation Code

Please speak to your Manager or Employer regarding the Invitation Code. You may only receive this code if your employer has signed up with WageSplitter.

If your employer has not signed up with WageSplitter, you can refer WageSplitter to your employer via this form, and we'll try our best to get your employer onto WageSplitter.